[Dataconomy] BigDataFr recommends: I don’t think that you should approach big data as a solution in search of a problem #datascientist

BigDataFr recommends: Data is the first class citizen Algorithms and models are just helpers – Interview with Dato’s Alice Zheng

What project have you worked on do you wish you could go back to, and do better?
I think that pretty much applies to any project you do as a data scientist. When you’re developing algorithms that become a service used by someone either internally or externally, I think it is best to use an iterative approach where you wait for some feedback from the client before doing any further improvements. I am a true believer of “lean data science”.


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By Peadar Coyle
Source: dataconomy.com

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Maria Mestre completed a PhD in signal processing at Cambridge developing models of user behaviour using brain data. After the PhD I joined Skimlinks as a data scientist, where I model online user behaviour and work on much larger datasets. My main role is implementing large-scale machine learning models processing terabytes of data..

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