[Dataconomy] BigDataFr recommends: Interview with Angela Bassa, Data Science Manager EnerNoc – AI With The Best 2016

BigDataFr recommends: “Interview with Angela Bassa, Data Science Manager EnerNoc – AI With The Best 2016

[…] Juan Salazar1. In the energy sector how do you identify which is useful data?

Angela Bassa : « In our job, data is everything. It’s the cacao bean to our chocolate! EnerNOC is involved in the data business from ground up, using our own energy data collection devices and APIs, forging unique partnerships with utilities and solar providers, running our own state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers (the NOC in EnerNOC), and sending real-time alerts to our customers with predictive recommendations on how to manage their energy.

The challenge is making sense out of the unbelievable complexity that is the energy sector. Our data is made up of weather models, consumption tracking, tariff structures, billing details, geographic nuances, local and global regulations, sector and industry benchmarks, macro trends, and much more. The data science team is responsible for turning all of that “messy data” into information that is useful, valuable, and actionable for each and every customer, every day. […]

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By Juan Salazar
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About Angela Bassa

Angela Bassa is in charge of the data science team at Energy software intelligence provider EnerNOC — ultimately helping over 1,100 software subscription customers serving over US$1 billion in customer savings to date.

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