[Wired] BigDataFr recommends: Trump’s Big Data Mind Explains How He Knew Trump Could Win

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BigDataFr recommends: « Trump’s Big Data Mind Explains How He Knew Trump Could Win

[…] The Associated Press had yet to call the presidential election for President-elect Donald Trump, and races in tight states like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire were still undecided, but Matt Oczkowski and everyone else on Trump’s data, digital, and technology teams were celebrating in San Antonio, Texas, where they’ve spent the past several months.
Reached by phone, Oczkowski, director of product for the president-elect’s data team Cambridge Analytica, was exhilarated but not necessarily surprised. The polls, the pundits, and the data suggested otherwise, but Oczkowski says he and his crew knew weeks ago that Trump had a solid shot at the presidency. “This is not something that political intuition would tell you,” he says, “but our models predicted most of these states correctly.” […]

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By Issie Lapowsky
Source: https://www.wired.com

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