[EducPros – Gilles Babinet] BigDataFr recommends : Accelerating the Teaching Transformation

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BigDataFr recommends : Accelerating the Teaching Transformation

[…] Gilles Babinet, France’s digital champion at the European Commission, maintains that French higher education needs to speed up its digital transformation. He urges schools to kick things into gear by breaking some rules in favor of experimentation. We spoke with Babinet to find out more.

Sylvie Lecherbonnier: In your 2014 book « L’Ère numérique, un nouvel âge de l’humanité », you wrote that education would be one of the top five fields to be transformed by digital. Where do things stand now?

Gilles Babinet: There have been some new developments. Yet universities don’t invest enough in digital and efforts are spread too thin. French education is not evolving. It needs to change from the outside in. Universities should be able to break rules when they experiment with digital. Not all faculty members should be required to do research. There is far too little emphasis placed on teaching compared with research. […]

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By Sylvie Lecherbonnier
source: http://www.letudiant.fr/educpros/

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