[@fotonower] Internship in Machine Learning/Big Data: Location Paris or Flexible (Europe/US) #machinelearning


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Internship in Machine Learning/Big Data: Classification of behavior thanks Quantization and Neural Network

We are looking for a skilled scientist with high capacity in development to work on new methodology using Quantization and Neural Network in order to classify behavior of users on Social Network. We uses at the edge computer vision methodology based on neural network to manage the visual content used in our products. We uses open source library and develops specific models and methodology to find the best solution for our clients.

The candidate will work with the rest of the development team. The development team counts three internal member as well as part-time developer and research advisers on Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Context: Fotonower International Expansion

Fotonower, founded in July 2014. Fotonower delivers high end services to International Brands in the Touristic area and media. It manages social media photo rights, search and organize them for media publishers and brands Fotonower technology is build on at the edge research in Semi-supervised machine learning, Big Data, Deep Learning and further.
We are currently investing in the enhancement of the product and the commercial development. We have also several at the edge project linked to supervised and semi-supervised machine learning
technologies to manage efficiently social media post and photos flow.
Depending on capacities, the candidate could be integrated in one or severals of these projects.

Condition: Internship, France or flexible

Starting date: ASAP.
Remuneration: Competitive Package including vesting, depending on experience and adequacy with the desired goals.
Location: Paris and flexible (US/Europe), Fotonower has partnership with incubator in Montréal and Mexico.
Fotonower can sponsor you for visa if needed.
We are a very dynamic and skillfull team working in a very flexible environment.

Required Skills Education

– Applied Mathematics/Machine Learning and Development.
– We need a highly skilled scientist in Applied Mathematics that has been confronted with some machine learning methodology.
– The candidate should be motivated, and loves challenges.
– The candidate shall be able to propose concrete solutions for the technical problems we will meet during the development.
– The candidate should be able to learn quick and adapt itself in a fast growing company and changing environment.
– He/She will be able to integrate her work with the rest of the team.


Python (or any script language)/NumPy/SciPy/scikit-learn, Cuda, TORCH, Lua, C, C++ or Java, Javascript, Html, English, French

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