[Jean Nicholas Hould] BigDataFr recommends: Profiling a Dataset of Craft Beers


BigDataFr recommends: Profiling a Dataset of Craft Beers

[…] Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a statistical approach that aims at discovering and summarizing a dataset. At this step of the data science process, you want to explore the structure of your dataset, the variables and their relationships.

In this post, we’ll focus on one aspect of exploratory data analysis: data profiling. Data profiling is all about summarizing your dataset through descriptive statistics. You want to use a plethora of measurements to better understand your dataset. Data types, missing values, mean, median and standard deviation are just a few of the many elements you’ll need to gather when profiling a dataset. The goal of data profiling is to have a solid understanding of your data so you can afterwards start querying and visualizing your data in various ways. […]

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By Jean Nicholas Hould
Source: jeannicholashould.com

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