[Dataconomy] BigDataFr recommends: Trends Shaping Machine Learning in 2017

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BigDataFr recommends: Trends Shaping Machine Learning in 2017

[…] Technologies in the field of data science are progressing at an exponential rate. The introduction of Machine Learning has revolutionized the world of data science by enabling computers to classify and comprehend large data sets. Another important innovation which has changed the paradigm of the world of the tech world is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two technological concepts, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, are often used as interchangeable terms. However, it is important to understand that both technologies supplement each other and are essentially different in terms of their core functions.

It is often predicted by technology enthusiasts and social scientists that human beings in the workforce will soon be replaced by self-learning robots. It is yet to be seen whether there lies any truth in these predictions or not but for 2017, the following trends have been prominent in the development of Machine Learning. […]

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By Ronald van Loon
Source: dataconomy.com

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