[Paris Innovation Review ITV Arnaud Contival] BigDataFr recommends : Data scientists: who are they? And what do they do?

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BigDataFr recommande : Data scientists: who are they? And what do they do?

[…] Paris Innovation Review – The term “data scientist” was almost unknown ten years ago. In 2017, it almost seems too broad, considering the different specialties that have emerged.

Arnaud Contival – The term keeps a certain consistency, but the field around data is clearly evolving. In addition to initial categories such as data mining, new specialties are appearing, for example marketing scientists. Overall, we are witnessing a progressive segmentation. In practice, professionals all wear two or three hats, if only because they started working with Big Data a few years ago, when the field was not as segmented. It may thus be useful to go back ten years to understand current developments.

As a market trend, Big Data really emerged around 2008-2010, when a series of acquisitions occurred in the United States, suggesting that the world’s major software companies had reached their limits. They observed the emergence of a new market and sought to take position. They took ownership of modules to sell them, with a push strategy focused on big accounts.

Within large companies, departments such as finance, marketing, HR started to take a close look at the possibilities offered by Big Data, and that is when differentiated trades begin to emerge. After the major software publishers, IT services companies entered the business, with a delayed effect due in part to the need to train professionals. The specialized Master’s programs that now train data scientists were created a little later.

Qu’est-ce qu’une donnée ? […]

Interview of Arnaud Contival Chairman and CEO, AID
Source: parisinnovationreview.com

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