[ChatGPT] Evolution or Revolution? Stay Tuned

[SPECIAL ChatGPT] Evolution or Revolution?


ChatGPT: Evolution or Revolution?
A Tech Race Begins as Microsoft Adds A.I. to Its Search Engine Amid the tech industry’s worst slump in decades, industry leaders are predicting an era built on new chatbots and other types of artificial intelligence.
By Cade Metz and Karen Weise
Source: nytimes.com
An important next step on our AI journey
By Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet
Source: blog.google

Scientists, don’t let your writing resemble something you pulled out of your bot
By Adam Ruben
Source: science.orgWhat ChatGPT and generative AI mean for science Researchers are excited but apprehensive about the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
By Chris Stokel-Walker & Richard Van Noorden
Source: nature.com

Comparing scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to original abstracts using an artificial intelligence output detector, plagiarism detector, and blinded human reviewers
By Catherine A. Gao, Frederick M. Howard, Nikolay S. Markov, Emma C. Dyer, Siddhi Ramesh, Yuan Luo, Alexander T. Pearson
Source: biorxiv.org

ChatGPT is ‘not particularly innovative,’ and ‘nothing revolutionary’, says Meta’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun The public perceives OpenAI’s ChatGPT as revolutionary, but the same techniques are being used and the same kind of work is going on at many research labs, says the deep learning pioneer.
By Tiernan Ray
Source: zdnet.com

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