[SAS White Paper] BigDataFr recommends: A Non-Geek’s Big Data Playbook

<div id="wp-socials-general-btn"></div><div style="clear:both"></div></div><p><strong><a title="@sas.com Tracking down answers to your questions about data scientists" href="http://www.sas.com/fr_ma/whitepapers/non-geeks-big-data-playbook-106947.html" target="_blank">BigDataFr recommends: SAS White Paper – A Non-Geek’s Big Data Playbook
Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse

‘This paper examines how a non-geek yet technically savvy business professional can understand how to use Hadoop – and how it will impact enterprise data environments for years to come. The paper serves as a playbook that demonstrates six common “plays” that illustrate how Apache Hadoop can support and extend the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) ecosystem.’
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