[The Marshall Project] BigDataFr recommends: The New Science of Sentencing

BigDataFr recommends:  The New Science of Sentencing
Should prison sentences be based on crimes that haven’t been committed yet?


‘Criminal sentencing has long been based on the present crime and, sometimes, the defendant’s past criminal record. In Pennsylvania, judges could soon consider a new dimension: the future.

Pennsylvania is on the verge of becoming one of the first states in the country to base criminal sentences not only on what crimes people have been convicted of, but also on whether they are deemed likely to commit additional crimes. As early as next year, judges there could receive statistically derived tools known as risk assessments to help them decide how much prison time — if any — to assign.’ […]

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By Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Ben Casselman and Dana Goldstein
Source: www.themarshallproject.org

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