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Spécial Centenaire de Claude Shannon

A l’occasion du centenaire de la naissance du père fondateur de la théorie de l’information, nous vous proposons de re(découvrir) son œuvre et notamment l’impact de ses travaux sur notre société.

Claude Shannon et l’avènement du numérique
Intervenants : Josselin Garnier (mathématicien) & Martin Andler (Professeur à l’Université de Versailles St Quentin, Président d’Animath)
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Source: Continent Science animé par Stéphane Deligeorges – France Culture 

Forgotten Father Of the Digital Age: Claude Shannon

Celebrating Claude Shannon
The engineer’s life disproves the myth that only scientists make discoveries
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By G. Pascal Zachary
Source: spectrum.ieee.org

Oral-History: Interview with Claude E. Shannon
By Robert Price
Date: 28 July 1982
Location: Winchester, MA
Source: ethw.org

A Mathematical Theory of Information 
Source: wikipedia.org

A Mathematical Theory of Communication
Published in The Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. XXVII July, 1948 No.3
Source: ieeexplore.ieee.org 

La Théorie de l’Information de Claude Shannon
Source: archivengines.wordpress.com

A symbolic analysis of relay and Switching Circuits
University of Michigan, 1936
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1940

An Algebra for Theoretical Genetics
University of Michigan, 1936
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Source: dspace.mit.edu
Shannon Centenary
Source: http://www.itsoc.org/resources/Shannon-Centenary

[UCTV] Claude Shannon – Father of the Information Age
Considered the founding father of the electronic communication age, Claude Shannon’s work ushered in the Digital Revolution. This fascinating program explores his life and the major influence his work had on today’s digital world through interviews with his friends and colleagues.

The Thinking Machine (Artificial Intelligence in the 1960s)
Can machines really think? Here is a series of interviews to some of the AI pioneers, Jerome Wiesner, Oliver Selfridge, and Claude Shannon. A view at the future of computer intelligence from back then…

[MIT TechTV] « The Thinking Machine » (1961) – MIT Centennial Film
Screen actor David Wayne chats with MIT Professor Jerome Wiesner on developments in computer research and artificial intelligence, as part of the “Tomorrow” television series produced by CBS for MIT on occasion of MIT’s Centennial in 1961.

Claude Shannon demonstrates machine learning

[AT and T Tech Channel] Tech Icons: Claude Shannon
Meet Claude Shannon, the father of Information Theory, celebrated inventor, and a Tech Icon

[Alcatel-Lucent] The Shannon Limit – Bell Labs
Claude Shannon’s creation in the 1940’s of the subject of information theory is arguably one of the great intellectual achievements of the twentieth century. Discover who was Claude Shannon and what is the Shannon Limit.


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