[HAL] BigDataFr recommends: Raising Time Awareness in Model-Driven Engineering


BigDataFr recommends: Raising Time Awareness in Model-Driven Engineering

Keywords: Model-Driven Engineering, Analytics, Big Data, Temporal Data, Internet of Things


[…] The conviction that big data analytics is a key for the success of modern businesses is growing deeper, and the mo-bilisation of companies into adopting it becomes increasingly important. Big data integration projects enable companies to capture their relevant data, to efficiently store it, turn it into domain knowledge, and finally monetize it. In this context, historical data, also called temporal data, is becoming increasingly available and delivers means to analyse the history of applications, discover temporal patterns, and predict future trends. Despite the fact that most data that today’s applications are dealing with is inherently temporal current approaches, methodologies, and environments for developing these applications don’t provide sufficient support for handling time.[…]

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By Amine Benelallam 1,2, Thomas Hartmann 3, Ludovic Mouline 3, Francois Fouquet 3, Johann Bourcier 1,2, Olivier Barais 4,1,2, Yves Le Traon 3
Source: hal-archives-ouvertes.fr

1 IRISA – Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires
2 DiverSe – Diversity-centric Software Engineering
Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique , IRISA_D4 – LANGAGE ET GÉNIE LOGICIEL
3 S’nT – Security, Reliability and Trust Interdisciplibary Research Centre
4 IRT b-com – Institut de Recherche Technologique b-com

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