[McKinsey] BigDataFr recommends: Why you need a digital data architecture to build a sustainable digital business

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BigDataFr recommends: The road to artificial intelligence in mobility—smart moves required

[…] Data architecture has been consistently identified by CXOs as a top challenge to preparing for digitizing business. Leveraging our experience across industries, we have consistently found that the difference between companies that use data effectively and those that do not—that is, between leaders and laggards—translates to a 1 percent margin improvement for leaders. In the apparel sector, for instance, data-driven companies have doubled their EBIT margin as compared to their more traditional peers.

Using data effectively requires the right data architecture, built on a foundation of business requirements. However, most companies take a technology-first approach, building major platforms while focusing too little on killer use cases.

Despite these developments, the automotive industry is still only at the beginning of the AI disruption. […]

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By Sven Blumberg, Oliver Bossert, Hagen Grabenhorst, and Henning Soller.
Source: mckinsey.com

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