[Analyticsbridge – Tutorial] BigDataFr recommends: How the cloud has made analytics so very accesible

BigDataFr recommends: Making data science accessible – MapReduce

Open source and the tools that are making the use of data an easy option

[…] Not so long ago the difficulty in working with data stemmed from the fact it came from different places in different forms, much of it was unstructured or at best semi structured. Getting this data into a shape where it could be analysed and used to provide insights was a tedious process, data cleaning and preparation can be time consuming processes. I have mentioned elsewhere about the “The dirty little secret of big data,” being that fact , “that most data analysts spend the vast majority of their time cleaning and integrating data— not actually analysing it.” and the demands the data analysts who continually go back to the database admins and the coders and beg them to run this SQL and then « just one more query please”. […]

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By Bruce Robbins
Source: analyticbridge.com

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